Your “Personal” - MARKETING TEAM

We Provide PERSONALIZED “Marketing Service”
Our Professional “In-House” marketing team will process and Mail/e-Mail your Photographic“DRP Application Portfolio” to the
Insurance DRP Providers.  They consistently interact with the Insurance Carriers in an endeavor to secure “DRP Accounts”
for your store.

FULLY Inclusive of ALL “Labor” & “Service Costs”

Services Include . .
“Labor Costs” to Compile” all DRP Application Docs.
All Associated “Telecommunication” & “Mailing Costs”
“Travel Expenses - Fuel & Labor” associated with Insurance Meetings
“Monthly Labor Costs (Salary)” for your personal “Marketing Representative”
“Monthly Online and Internet Hosting Fees” to promote & showcase your store
All Office “Stationery”, “Equipment” and “Overheads”
Preparation of Monthly “STATUS / PROGRESS REPORT”

ON-LINE Calls to . . .
Insurance Carriers

MEETINGS With . . .
Insurance Carriers