your personalized
warranty brochure
warranty for repairs

Builds “Trust” & “Loyalty” between “You”, the “Customer” & “Insurance”

Carriers and most of all sets your store apart from the competition.

Insurance DRP Providers – It’s Essential!
To be considered for most Insurance DRP Programs, it is imperative that you have a “Warranty For Repairs” in place before
they will consider your store for their program.

Customers  – (A Warranty Builds Trust)
Offering a professionally printed “Warranty for Repairs”, earns your customers trust in your organization and confidence in
your ability to restore their vehicle to its “Pre Accident” condition.  Your Warranty also outlines the limitations and conditions
of a Warranty Claim and prevents any misunderstanding between you and the customer and thus helps to preserve your
future relationship with them and the Insurance carrier.

WARRANTY BROCHURE:  Front / Outside View

WARRANTY BROCHURE:  Back / Inside View

WARRANTY BROCHURE:  Doubles as a “Document Pouch”

ABOUT:  Your “Warranty Certificate” Brochure
Your warranty certificate, trifold brochure double as a document holder
What Sets Our “CUSTOM” Tri-Fold Brochures Apart From the Competitors

We Personalize Your Tri-Fold Brochure:

Our brochures are Not Flimsy paper stock, we use heavy stock 100lb Gloss Cover (Card Stock) with
Aqueous Coating to minimize scratches, finger prints and moisture.
We not only display your “Store Name” but also your “COMPANY LOGO”
We also display any achievement award logos you may have, such as “I-CAR”, “ASE” etc
We display “Photos of YOUR Store” in your brochure (Competitors often use generic On-Line photos)
We Display a “Location Map” of your store
Your “Warranty Certificate - Tri-Fold Brochure” also doubles as a “Document Pouch Holder”.  An
ideal pouch to store all the clients paperwork at the time they pick up their vehicle for delivery.