This Platform ALLOWS YOU TO “MARKET YOUR  STORE”  directly to “Residents”, “Long Time Customers” and “Small
Businesses” in your Immediate Service Area.   

Marketing Material:
We create and Print your “Direct Mailing Brochures”.  Your options are to do your own mailing or let us handle your whole
campaign by creating your “Mail Listing” for your service area, laser print your labels to your brochures, include postage and
drop them of at the post office for mailing.     

Targeted Marketing aimed to your Immediate Service Area. (Residents, Old Clients, Businesses)
Capture Insurance work from customers who have recently been paid out for an Insurance Claim  
Offer “Discount Coupons” on your brochure to encourage customers to visit your store.
Pull up your mailing list to Rejuvenate your “Long-Time-Customers”.

A Perfect Marketing Tool for ALL Automotive Repair Services . . .

Collision Repair Shops * Car Dealerships * Auto Repair Centers * Alignment Centers * Transmission Repairers * Parts & Paint
Suppliers * Wheels & Tires        * Muffler Stores * Auto Detail * In-Car-Entertainment etc.

Struggling to Secure “Insurance DRP Accounts” because . . .
You’re Surrounded by MSO’s (Multi-Shop-Owners

If you are surrounded by MSO's (Multiple-Shop-Operators / Multi-Store-Owners) and convinced that they have secured all the
available DRP Accounts in your “Service Area” then it may be time to rethink your marketing strategy and launch a new
approach that drives business to your store.

Learn How & Why . . .
MSO’s Are Commandeering The “Insurance DRP PROGRAMS” Across The USA

Consider “Direct-Mail-Marketing” - A Powerful Program . . .
that Supplements an Additional Source of Income
2 marketing platforms
let us market your store
market your own store
direct mail marketing
important notice to collision repair shops
don’t depend solely on work from insurance carriers