Welcome to Collision Shop Solutions.  May I introduce you to our
company and the Unique services we are able to provide to the Collision
repair Industry.

Wally Venter, President of Collision Shop Solutions was born in South
Africa where he served 4-years working for “Toyota Assembly Plant” as a
Mechanical Engineer.  He later lectured at the Durban Technical College,
for 7-years, in Mechanical Engineering and over 9-Automotive Trades.  
He also built up and owned one of the largest Body Shops in Natal, South
Africa, for 8-years.  Wally Venter has since been managing, mostly large
corporate Body Shops, in California for over 15-years.  With over 34
years of hands on experience in the Auto Body, Mechanical & Paint
Industry, Wally launched “Collision Shop Solutions” in 2006 in the USA.  

Christine Venter, Director of Marketing Operations has over 25 years
Marketing and Management experience with AT&T plus an additional 18
years with Body Shops and Insurance Carriers.  

Together, with their combined service and experience, they have
successfully built and developed Collision Shop Solutions into an
organization which is professionally geared to help Body Shops effectively
Market and Showcase their stores as well as streamline their repair
process for best performance and profitability.

Collision Shop Solutions has been serving Body Shops across California
for over 8-years and has recently expanded its’ service operation to the
whole of the USA.  
Their goal and mission is to effectively help Body Shops run a lean
operation, improve their sales capture ratio and increase their monthly
sales through effective marketing campaigns and programs.  

Collision Shop Solutions major service is to help Body Shops market and
showcase their stores to the Insurance Carriers Direct Repair Programs
(DRP’s).  This service is offered through their “DRP Network Marketing
Program” that includes several powerful marketing and showcase
services.  The programs cost is fully inclusive of all the printed
promotional materials we use in marketing your store and also includes
your own Marketing representative.

We thank you for visiting our website and look forward to hearing from
you to see how we may assist your organization in achieving the goals
and expectations you well deserve.