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Set Your “Application” or “Presentation Package”
Apart from your Competitors

We Create A Professional 12-Page Photographic . .
“Presentation / Application” PORTFOLIO

About Your “Photographic Presentation Portfolio”

A Comprehensive “Presentation & Promotional Package”
This package is an ideal “Application Presentation Package” for securing new business accounts with Fleet
Companies, Businesses in your Area, Dealerships or Insurance Carriers.

Through the use of full color Photographs, we create a powerful Presentation Package of  your “Repair Facility”.  
Your 12-Page Photographic Portfolio allows visitors to take a visual tour of your entire repair facility.  Included in
your portfolio is a map displaying your stores location and Service Area.  We also provide all the relevant technical
data such as Tooling and Equipment, Square Footage of Repair Area, Number of Repair Bays, Parking, Storage,
the Potential Sales you can generate and the available services you are able to provide.
We First COMPILE All the Information for
. . .  Your “Presentation Portfolio”

We conduct a “Photo-Shoot” at your store or you may e-mail your photos to us.  See pricing for our Photo Service

We edit, clean and enhance your photos for best quality in your “Photographic Portfolio”.

We compile all the pertinent information of your store into a concise application document.

We PRINT Your “Presentation Portfolio”

Your 12-Page Photographic “Portfolio” is professionally printed on high Gloss “Aqueous” Coated Paper.

Through the use of Photographs, viewers will enjoy an informative visual tour of your facility.  The available
technical data will further speed up their evaluation process.

Ready for MAIL or e-MAIL
mail portfolio
Simply mail your Professional Presentation / Application Portfolio to those major accounts you wish to secure

e-mail portfolio
We also compress your “Presentation Portfolio” into a 12-page PDF file for easy e-mail submissions.  You will
receive this on a DVD diskette.

before and after photos
Take a Tour to see how we “Clean Up Your Stores Photos” to enhance your “Presentation Package”
sample 12-page portfolio
Here is a “Sample” of the Professional 12-Page Presentation and Showcase Package we create for your store.