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This Professional Marketing Program allows us to “Market” and “Showcase” your store to over 40-Insurance DRP Providers.  
Store owners often find it challenging and almost impossible to launch an Effective or Successful marketing campaign, to the
“Insurance DRP Providers”.  The reason is mainly due to them being faced with “Time Constraints” or lack the correct “Contact
Resources” for the “Insurance DRP Providers”.  Learn how the “DRP Network Marketing Program” eliminates all your marketing

Become an Insurance . . .  “DRP - Preferred Repair Shop”

PROFFESIONAL “DRP Application” Package

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what is an insurance drp
what is a Direct Repair program
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Please Note: That the list of Insurance Carriers, displayed above, only represents the insurance carriers we have chosen and
wish to represent.  We are not affiliated with nor in any way in partnership with the above Insurance DRP Providers.  Our service
to the Insurance DRP Providers is to showcase and promote the Body Shops we have selected and inspected and believe are
fully tooled and capable of meeting the DRP Program guidelines and have the ability to exceed the customer service
expectations of their insured's.  Also note that we are VERY selective of the stores we choose for the “DRP Network Program”
and will decline applications should we suspect that a store may be unable to meet any Insurance DRP Providers expectations.

letters of application don’t work
letters to Insurance Carriers do not work
letters of application to DRP providers do not work
do letters of application to insurance carriers work?

DID YOU KNOW!   Body shops who wrote Letters or attempted Phone Calls to Insurance carriers, agree that their efforts were
ineffective and provided minimal results.  NOTE: Letters lack the pertinent information that Insurance Carriers require when pre-
evaluating a store for their DRP Program.  In today’s competitive market place, store owners now have to be more creative and
resourceful in order to set their DRP Applications apart from their competitors.

benefits of the drp program
benefits of the drp network marketing program
We Have Developed a “Credible Relationship with the DRP Providers”.
Over the past 8-years, we have developed a credible relationship with the Insurance DRP Providers.  Today, several Insurance
Carriers often request our services to source out reputable body shops in the cities or service areas where they have a need for
a DRP Facility.  The relationship we have established, with DRP Providers, further increases your opportunity to be recognized
for new DRP Accounts.

We Have Over 8-Years Experience in the “DRP Application Submission Process”.
We know exactly what documents, photos and information the DRP Providers need when evaluating a store for their program.  
We also know which DRP Providers only accept Applications by “Mail” and which providers only accept Applications by “e-mail”.  
NOTE: Applications incorrectly processed or lacking the pertinent information required will either be lost or discarded by the DRP

Our affordable program costs less than 1/5 of what you would pay yourself or to employ a Marketing Representative along with
developing, printing and mailing your own Marketing Materials.  Within 45 days Insurance Carriers who have “Never Heard of
You”, “Don’t Know Where You are Located” will now be fully aware of your existence and that you are interested in partnering
with their DRP Program.